February 7, 2017

The Beauty of Unscripted Material

Without a doubt, our best material comes from unscripted moments. We always try to avoid scripting our interviewees and we work hard to create a safe and comfortable environment so they can speak freely in their own words. Many interviewees ramble from time to time, but as long as they aren’t “handled” or scripted, they always provide us with powerful and authentic message points. But, what’s important to remember is that there is more to the message than the spoken word.

A look, a hesitation…it’s all in the timing and we know today’s savvy audience can discern real from phony, unless of course its delivered by an Academy Award winning actor. But, capturing unscripted material can be much more time consuming. We have to dedicate more time to making an interviewee comfortable and letting them speak freely without interruption. We then have comb through all the material and post production editing can become quite a lengthy process. But it’s always worth it. When we run through all the material with a fine tooth comb we always find the little golden nuggets that give our videos, and the interview, their authenticity.

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