March 10, 2017

Engaging Videos Can Make an Event Rock!

Have you ever attended an award banquet and the recipient droned on and on thanking everyone and their brother?  Have you ever been to a banquet where there is an endless parade of speakers? Have you ever painfully listened to a panicked or monotone speaker?

Event organizers carefully plan every minute of their night with the best intentions to create an evening that engages, moves and motivates the audience. The event may be moving along until one awkward moment where the speaker throws the entire night off track. You may have practiced and approved their script, but when the moment came they froze or went off topic. So, not even the best planning in the world can account for how people will react in the moment.

To avoid such situations, professionally edit your speaker’s messaging and/or interview in advance by investing your time and resources up front with video content that will inspire, motivate and entertain. As an added benefit, you will have complete control over the timing of the program.

Milwaukee’s Professional Dimension Sacagawea Award, event held at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, is one such organization that has mastered the art of using video content to inform, engage, motivate and entertain an audience.

“Saci was over the top. Last night still has many of us vibrating, and I want to rave about one of the best events, ever…the videos were epic.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
-Christy B.


1. Open with an attention grabbing video.

A professionally produced video tribute can be a powerful way to introduce the winners. If done right, it not only creates excitement and emotion but more importantly provides CONTROL of your messaging and overall timing of your event. You want to leave your audience inspired and wanting more, rather than bored or anxious about the pace or delivery of message. Using tribute videos, like the samples featured below, prevents the need for long introductory and acceptance speeches at the podium.

“There were tears at our table during the videos-they were awesome! The PD glow continues to expand within each of us and as a whole demonstrated last night!
-Janet S.

2. End your event on a high note with gratitude and humor. You can deliver that with a quick video send off, like the video featured below:

“I was never more proud to be a PD member than last night. The night demonstrated our commitment as women to lead, inspire and make a difference.”
-Karen O.

“Spectacular night. It really was a night to remember.”
-Joyce R.

“The production work and staging received more accolades than I can even describe.”
-Janet P.