May 22, 2017

Buttery, Flaky Mess

We love this video! Not only does it make us laugh till our sides hurt, but it shows a very real side of filming and why we prefer to shoot unscripted.

Filming has many challenges, one of which is the struggle between actors and producers. Especially when using a script, as seen in this video, it can be difficult to say the right words while exuding the proper emotion.

This is nothing against script-writers, but when trying to capture real, raw emotion from interviewees (who are not trained actors/actresses,) staying off script is one of the best ways to capture truly great footage.

Here at Life Productions Inc., we shoot our videos unscripted so that we are able to capture your story in your own words, not the words of a writer.

So go ahead, say “Buttery, crunchy crust,” it’s your story.